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Syllabi and programs for training and teaching material for inmates

Intellectual Output 6 – Syllabi and programs for training and teaching material for inmates

Project step: Implementation


New methodological tools (syllabuses and teaching materials) in order to run the processes of the foreign inmates’ training and didactic procedures using CLIL approach. The syllabuses and the teaching materials have been tested and used in language courses for work devoted to the social reinsertion in the society.
Syllabuses for language and work courses of the following profiles have been created: chef’assistant, solderer, construction workers (languages: Italian, Catalan, German).
Teaching materials for the following profiles: solderer, construction worker, chef’assistant. (languages: Catalan,German, Portuguese, Italian).

Syllabi and materials

Intellectual Output 9 – Test tools, examination and evaluation

Project step: Implementation


The assessment and evalutation tools ensure on one side the validity of the developed teaching materials, on the other side they represent a tool for monitoring the learning objectives of the project. Final test for the assessment of language – professional related competences achieved by foreign inmates who participated into the courses were created.
Here you will find attached some examples of the tests: “Final test – Profiles: waste collector – chef’s assistant”.

CILS-RiUscire Assessment Test

Intellectual Output 14 – Linguistic professional portfolio for detainees

Project step: Implementation


The Portfolio reflects the concrete object of the project action designed for the detainees, easier to achieve if factual objectives for the engagement they have to take are provided, such as the opportunity to receive a professional training attested by a final certificate which they could use at the end of their imprisonment period. Within the Portfolio, the completion of the linguistic professional training attended during the project, lays the basis to improve their imprisonment conditions and to expect a status change, and it depends on the acquisition of intercultural and pragmatic skills able to integrate, and in some cases to replace, strictly linguistic skills.
The thee samples of Portfolio attached (prototypes) concern the linguistic professional figures of waste collector, assistant cook and solderer.


Output 15 – Pedagogical guide

This is a product linked to the Syllabuses and teaching materials for foreign inmates. It is an example of pedagogical guide aimed at optimizing the use of the teaching materials produced within the project. It gives recommendations about how to use the teaching materials, the learning objectives, the activities to be carried out within the Didactic Unit.