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Programs for training and teaching material for inmates, prison staff members & teachers

Output 7 – Syllabus for teachers

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“Didactics and inclusion: communicative, cultural and second language aspects”

It provides guidance for managing multilingual and multicultural classes with subjects with problems related to marginalization and offers the ability to acquire specific skills to design appropriate learning contents to the penitentiary context and manage interaction dynamics. It enables teachers to acquire skills for the development and/or use of new qualitatively relevant methodological tools, to manage current and custom approaches to cognitively and cooperatively
communication and teaching procedures. It provides an introduction on the methods of interaction and communication with foreign detainees, some lines of analysis of the main cultures, languages and contexts of origin of foreign inmates. The training program, designed by the Leading Partner, has been contextualized for the different realities of partner countries.


Output 8 – Syllabus for penitentiaries

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“Inclusive communication in the prison system”

It provides the content coordinates for the training of prison staff on the knowledge and deepening of the cultural aspects of the different ethnic groups in the penitentiary institutions of the partner countries of the RiUscire project. It identifies operational solutions suitable for responding to needs expressed in the daily life of intramurary interactions. It also contains content and guidelines for the development of intercultural communication in prison and for identifying its features and strategies.