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Universidade Fernando Pessoa

Universidade Fernando Pessoa – UFP (EN)

Fernando Pessoa University has been recognized as organization of public interest by the Portuguese State since 1996. The university is the outcome of a project pioneering new approaches of higher education that started in 1980 with the creation of its structural base, which consists of two higher education institutions. Today, the university is composed of three faculties (Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology), a School of Health Sciences, and an Autonomous Unit (Ponte de Lima College). The UFP has never been market oriented, due its strong foundation vocation. The university has succeeded in transforming itself into a stable private higher education institution, with strong academic attention and constant concern for the preservation and improvement of quality, thanks to a highly qualified teaching staff, the facilities, the required equipment and a well-funded teaching and research program.

The university’s aims to provide high quality educational services, to give contribution in European education and to promote private higher education as a public good, associated with private benefits and based on the overarching principle of public accountability. The UFP is aware of having a key role in the scientific, cultural, social and economic development of society, and therefore seeks to continue to strengthen its position both as academic institution and as member of the international community.

The UFP is committed to providing effective, efficient and attentive service and to propose innovative approaches to teaching and research.

The university is an active member of its community in the variety of services it provides as well as in the development of relationships with the main national socio-economic actors/figures, in order to promote mutual progress. Through the Office for Organizational Quality and Excellence, the UFP is the first Portuguese business university.

Maria Manuela Inês Nabais Niza Ribeiro has a Master’s Degree in  Media and Social Communication at the Istituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas of the Universidade de Lisboa. She also earned a Master’s Degree in International Relations at the Univedidade Portucalense, with a thesis entitled In the Name of the Public: the Legitimacy of Foreign Relations by Public Opinion, which involves the two topics she conducts her research on. Within the same area of communication, she is preparing a Ph.D. thesis in Criminology, entitled Crime and Punishment in the Public Square. She was professor of Geopolitics and Geostrategies at the Universidade de Moderna de Porto, where she also worked as an administrative director.

She is currently head of Foreign Department for Visas and head of the International Services Office. She is also a professor at the Fernando Pessoa University, where she teaches “Public Opinion and Criminal Justice” and “Mass Media and Violence” for the Master’s Course in Criminology.

She is also responsible for the OSCOT-Port (Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism, Monitoring Center) and was sent as Second Expert in the Operational Plan in Greece, support team for asylum EASO 7.6.3 P6/6.

She has been National Defense Auditor since 2003, collaborated in numerous publications and has published several articles about geopolitics, criminology and communication.