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Siena (Italy)

Transnational Conference

Foreign national inmates and prison systems: issues, resources and perspectives

26th-27th May 2017

The “RiUscire” project (2014 – 2017) is offering a discussion forum to some experts on forms and modalities for inmates’ rehabilitation. Experts can thus share views on an analysis proposal relevant to one of the most important issues of contemporary societies interested by strong migration flows: the management of linguistic and cultural diversity in a context of marginalisation like in prison. 

During the Conference three macro topics will be developed: they are linked to teaching/learning foreign and second languages in prison, the training of prison staff and teachers, and the management of cultural diversities:

  1. European policies on integration of diversity brought by migrants;
  2. Management of diversity and of linguistic contacts in marginalized contexts for inmates;
  3. Measures to counter radicalization leading to violence based on intercultural education.


Call for papers